A Change of Pace

I’ve been running this blog for nine months now, and time has flown by. This entire time, I’ve published two posts per week pretty consistently. Moving forward, however, I’ve decided to modify this down to one post per week.

It was a tough call to make; it felt a bit like giving up. The irony of it is that my reasons for it are the exact opposite of that. I’m moving to one post a week so that I can keep going. Here’s my thinking.

Quality over Quantity

At first, it was important to begin building content on my site, and it was pretty easy to do. There was so much to say, and there still is! But the low-hanging fruit have been picked. What I don’t want to do is stick to an aggressive publishing schedule just to prove something to myself, with the end result being half-assed blog posts.

I have always been a proponent of quality over quantity, and my decision to move down to one post per week is in keeping with that. I want to continuously push out posts that I feel proud of, and that you find informative, useful, or entertaining. Good writing takes time, and as much as it pains me to admit it, I can’t dedicate the time it takes to reliably publish two solid posts each week.

That Damn Writer’s Block

Beyond just making time for each post, I’m also finding that having something worth saying doesn’t happen every day, either. It does happen often though… about once a week, in fact. Again, I’m not going to write articles just for the sake of writing them – there are a couple posts I’ve written now that I’ve felt that way about, and it sucks. To put anything out there that feels like less than what I believe to be my best effort is not cool, and I’m done with it.

Wrapping it Up

From now on, expect to see one post per week from me, on Fridays. This new schedule will give me the time I need to continue to come to the table with interesting, useful content for you, week after week.

I didn’t start this site to walk away less than a year later. I also didn’t start it to push out rushed content each week. This change walks the fine line between those two extremes. Thanks so much for continuing to read my posts, it means the world. I look forward to many more posts shared with you in the future!


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