I wake up rubbing my eyes, groggy and irritated by the sound of my alarm. Five more minutes. Then I remember: it’s grading day today. Shit, I slept in. Get up, get up!! My wife and I both have our pre-black belt grading today. It’s more intense than the black belt grading itself, because we represent our sensei’s dojo there. Since our performance is a reflection of his, and we’ll be compared to students from other dojos, he tends to… uh, let’s say make sure… his students are ready to handle the challenges of the day. [...]
This post is the third entry in my Karate Life Lessons Series, a collection of posts that examines how lessons learned training in the martial arts translate into other areas of life as well. You can read the first entry here. [...]
This post is part of a series on lessons I’ve learned through my studies of Karate that I’ve found apply well to other areas of my life. To read the first post of the series, click here. As I’ve said before, I’ve been training karate for over three years now. Not long by any means, but long enough to have recognized that there are lessons I’ve learned in the dojo that apply to other areas of my life. Last time, we talked about the principle of Shu-Ha-Ri. This time, we’ll focus on the quote at the top of this post. It hangs on the wall in my dojo, and it’s a quote I find myself returning to over and over again. Heads-up: this one’s a little sappy, so brace yourself. [...]
I’ve been studying karate for nearly four years as of the date of this post. Throughout that time, I’ve learned a ton of lessons; lessons that apply both to karate and the world beyond. Sometimes the lesson is painfully clear (like keeping your guard up while sparring so you don’t get punched in the face). Other times it's not so clear, and I’m still exploring most of them. But this series of posts represents a chance for me to reflect on those lessons for both your benefit and my own. I’ll specifically focus on lessons that I’ve been able to apply outside the world of karate. Today’s focus is the principle of Shu-Ha-Ri. [...]
As I mentioned on the About Me page of this site, I study Karate – Goju Ryu, for the practitioners out there. I’ve been training for over three years now, and what I’ve noticed over time is that the reasons I continue to study karate have changed since I first took up the art. [...]