Life is pretty expensive these days. We have expenses for food, schooling, transportation, and don’t even get me started about housing. So it’s no surprise that there’s an appetite out there to make a bit of extra money to help cover the costs. I definitely do it, even though I’m also trying to simplify and spend less where I can at the same time. This post will cover off how to make money taking online surveys. I’ll cover off which sites are best, which sites to avoid, and give you a few tips along the way too. [...]
My wife and I recently purchased a new home; and by new, I mean 35 years old. Not ancient by any means, but old enough to be in need of a little TLC. As first-time homebuyers in the way-overheated Canadian real-estate market, we were lucky to even be able to afford this place, but it came with a few expenses we weren’t prepared for. If you’re planning on buying a resale home, you want to be as prepared as possible upfront for the expenses you’ll be facing. That’s why I put together this list of expenses I’ve had to deal with. You may not need to address everything on this list, and it’s not exhaustive, but hey, it’s better than having to take a week’s worth of cold showers when your faucet craps out, right? [...]
Have you ever thought about your retirement? Do you dream about all the things you’d do if you didn’t have to work? I do, every single day. If you want that though, then you’ll need to have a plan and work toward it. And a great place to start is to understand the power of compound interest. This is the first post in the Personal Finance category of my site, so we’re starting out basic. If you don’t already know what compound interest is, read on to learn more about why you need to get it working for you sooner rather than later. [...]