Imagine for a second that science succeeds in copying a person’s consciousness to a computer… and that person is you. Suddenly, you’re face-to-screen with an exact copy of yourself, complete with your exact personality and memories. From this moment on though, you start to diverge, and become your own separate “people.” What would you say to this copy of you? [...]
I was watching re-runs of How I Met Your Mother the other day, and there was an episode that came on where the main cast each saw their own doppelgangers. Ted, the protagonist, then went on to talk about how, as time goes by, we each become our own doppelgangers; we change over time, sometimes so much that we resemble our old selves only in skin. [...]
There’s a rare slice of people out there that are doing exactly what they were born to do, and making money doing it. For those people, they’re working because that’s what they want to do. If they won a million bucks, they’d continue to do what they do. If you’re like most people though, you work for some other reason. It’s a means to an end, not the end in and of itself. If you won a million bucks, you’d be gone. You’d quit your job to do… what, exactly? We’ve all got goals and dreams; what’s yours? [...]
"There has got to be more to life than the 9-5." This is the thought that started it all. Without it, this site wouldn't exist. I didn't know what I'd get out of starting a blog, I just knew I wanted to write. I hoped it would teach me a thing or two about myself, and what makes me happy. I hoped my writing would inspire others who were asking themselves the same questions I am. It's been three months and 25 posts up to now, and as it turns out, it's done both of those and more. In the short time this site's been live, I've has some personal wins, fallen flat on my face a few times, and learned some hard lessons along the way. Some of them were expected, while others... I just never saw coming. I'm thinkin' maybe I should share those with you so that you stand a fighting chance of dealing with them better than I did at first. [...]