Hi, my name is Jason Repovs! I’m a normal guy who’s focused on finding happiness and peace in life.

We live in an amazing age – never in history have we had more access to tools, technology and information than we do today. As I finished school and entered the workforce however, I noticed that despite all this, I still carried stress with me on a daily basis.

I’ve always believed that we’re each responsible for finding our own happiness and peace in life, whatever form that takes. Part of my search for these things has led me to examine my life through a variety of different lenses with the goal of finding my passions. Ultimately, here’s what I learned: I’m most passionate about the arts (photography and karate, among others), personal finance, travel and nature.

As I was thinking about why I’m passionate about these things though, I realized that they all had one thing in common: in one way or another, all of them play a role in my view of what I need in my life to be happy and at peace. This is the reason that I’ve decided to write about personal finance, the arts, travel and nature with an eye toward personal happiness, peace and fulfillment.