My Favourite Travel Blogs

I want to do something a little different today. Variety is the spice of life, and so I wanted to give you a list of travel blogs I personally admire and look to for inspiration and writing styles. When you’re bored and looking for something to read, these sites will fill your cup!

In no particular order…

Off Assignment

This blog has an awesome collection of untold stories from journalists around the world. Its basic premise is based on the theory that travel writers’ untold stories – the ones they weren’t commissioned by a magazine or website to write – are often their best. Their “Letter to a Stranger” series features moving, sometimes hauntingly-beautiful stories that are masterfully-written.

The Expert Vagabond

Simply one of the most complete and compelling travel blogs out there. Complete with beautiful imagery and featuring articles on almost every travel topic imaginable, you’ll find all the travel inspiration you could ever hope for here.

Lost with Purpose

Alex and Sebastiaan have put together a charming blog documenting their travel experience through primarily Asia, Europe and the Middle East. The site is sprinkled with great how-to articles and travel tips, and is written with a dose of authenticity and humour that I really appreciate.

Tiny Atlas Quarterly

A great site for travel photography, the blog is organized in a very clean and easy-to-use fashion. It has some useful information about many of the places featured on the site, too.

Nomadic Matt

Probably the best and most comprehensive how-to blog for would be travelers. Topics covered range from how to find cheap accommodations to travel tips for couples and everything in between.

Johnny Vagabond

A full-time travel writer with an enviable sense of adventure and appetite for risk, Wes Nations is one of the funniest guys on the web. His stories are so jam-packed with humour that I usually can’t help but laugh my ass off.

Legal Nomads

Great blog for in-depth content relating to long-term travel. Jodi also speaks in-depth to foods around the world, from how to eat street food without getting sick to a guide to worldly condiments. Very cool stuff.

Our Wild Abandon

An American blog founded by two girls named Kyla and Jill. They sold their possessions in favour of life on the road, and travel around the country in a trailer. Their journal entries are interesting and engaging, and always accompanied by some great photographs.

Traveling Savage

A cool blog dedicated entirely to the exploration of Scotland. Keith Savage offers advice and destination suggestions for those looking to travel to Scotland. He also clearly has a great handle on the history of the place, and sprinkles tidbits of information into all of his posts.

Backpacking Matt

Similar to Traveling Savage in that he offers tips and advice for those looking to travel to a specific destination. In this case, that destination is New Zealand. Being a local, Matt is wickedly knowledgeable about the place, and as someone keenly interested in visiting, I follow his blog closely.

Wrapping it Up

You never know where you’ll find inspiration. Maybe you’re looking to plan your next trip, and aren’t sure where to go. Or maybe you’re looking for something to right about, and are stuck in a rut. Either way, going to other sites and seeing what else is out there is a fantastic way to re-energize yourself. I’ll put more lists like this out in the future, one for each major topic I write about. Stay tuned for more!


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