Hi, and welcome to my site! It’s a blog about personal finance, the arts, travel and nature, usually told through the lens of my search for happiness and mindfulness in life. Why those things? Well, because I’m passionate about them, and I find they help me be more relaxed and happy. It works for me, so I want to share my thoughts with others in the hopes that it works for you too!

Have you ever thought about your retirement? Do you dream about all the things you’d do if you didn’t have to work? I do, every single day. If you want that though, then you’ll need to have a plan and work toward it. And a great place to start is to understand the power of compound interest. This is the first post in the Personal Finance category of my site, so we’re starting out basic. If you don’t already know what compound interest is, read on to learn more about why you need to get it working for you sooner rather than later. [...]
Recently I’ve been the target of identity theft in a few different instances, and across multiple mediums. It’s irritating, but it’s nothing compared to the feeling of helplessness you get when someone actually gets away with it. It’s hard to focus on your happiness when you’re thinking about what some fraudster is doing with your personal information. That’s why I wanted to reiterate some good information on how to avoid identity theft. [...]
Recently, my wife and I took a trip to Indonesia (you can read about that here). It was our first major trip out of the city in a while, and I had been feeling a little crappy up until that point, without a clue as to why. Immediately upon arrival though, something changed. [...]
So you want to learn more about photography? That’s great! It’s a huge passion of mine, and one you can pursue for your entire life. You don’t have to spend a ton of money on a fancy camera and lenses to take great photos, either (though you definitely can). [...]
As I mentioned on the About Me page of this site, I study Karate – Goju Ryu, for the practitioners out there. I’ve been training for over three years now, and what I’ve noticed over time is that the reasons I continue to study karate have changed since I first took up the art. [...]